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3D game


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3D game


Dialogue with matter


Media installation with video art and paintings

I read Material in the hope of provoking a dialogue.
Randomly scattering threads and beads,
trusting my subjective feeling with , I compose a composition out of matter.

The very process of searching, movement, sound, the voice of the materials I film on video in order to document this non-verbal dialogue.

Video and sounds of matter, I compose collages in video and again peer into the resulting images. Images multiply and my dialogue with matter continues in the media environment.

Gif Tarot


Animated GIFs Set

These are short GIF messages, multi-layered hieroglyphs from associations, impressions, emotions, describing one concept.

Collected from stereotypes, associations and familiar images, these moving icons create messages, revealing in a short moment the versatility of one concept.

Media poems


Short vertical videos with audio

These are short poems created from the present moment. From the picture, the sound and the words themselves.
Paying tribute to academic traditions, I go out to the open air and sketch the state of nature, using smartphone apps. 
In the video sketches, short phrases are inserted, and the video itself is enhanced with color filters for greater impressionism.

These artworks were completed in one go like impressionism painting. Short poems of several words act like spells, opening doors to the unconscious and expanding the boundaries of perception.

About a Girl


Video art with improvisational music

Casual and quirky, dancing and dreaming freely. These are improvised music and video portraits of different girls.

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