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Artist Mariya Saakyan lives in Moscow. Was born in 1985.

Currently improving in programming, game design, creating interactive art projects.

Works in the fields of digital art, video art, animation and music, and uses traditional acrylic painting on canvas and recycled paper with the addition of mixed techniques.



2021-2022    Online school "CONCEPTION"
2017-2019    Jazz studio C-jam club
2012-2013    Moscow College of Improvisational Music
2004-2010    Moscow Stroganov Academy of Art
2000-2003    Moscow Art Professional Lyceum No303

Selected exhibitions:

2022 - Garage Museum, Computer class "Gone World" indie game "Metaphysical trolley bus simulator". Moscow

2022 - Biennale "Art of the Future" at MAMM project "Wish Tree". Moscow

2021 - "Game junction" gallery Khodynka. Moscow

2020 - Exhibition "Kryukrinoksy" gallery HERE on Taganka. Moscow



2021 - Digital-art residence KRAI, curated by Ilia Mazo. Moscow

Main creative method is improvisation.

Its art like a musical improvisation, but on canvas or using any media.
"You never know what will happen, but it always comes from the inside and for real." 

Bio: Биография
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