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About a Girl


Single channel video with audio
03:46 sec

Here are collected diverse records of our everyday life. A walk in the autumn park, the road, garbage, shiny goods, people on the subway ...
And the girl who controls the flow of the wind, twisting the leaves into a small whirlwind.
What is a miracle? Or does it all depend on the sound we hear in our shell?

Dance on the hot sand


Single channel video with audio
05:39 sec

A girl in a pink wig is dancing a whimsical dance on the hot sand. Free improvisation.


Single channel video with audio02:42 sec

An improvised sound and video portrait. A story about a girl who dreams of dancing.
An uncomfortable down jacket, strange dances in a snow-covered park, a grandmother walking slowly on the ice, pigeons and a bird in the sky. And at the end, hot tea in the sun-drenched kitchen, warmth, darkness and silence.

About a Girl: Выставки
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